Why are we creating this network?

We are fulltime RVers and we know how important it is to find mobile RV repair mechanics from time to time. We also realized that most information of technicians, on the web, is outdated and not current. 

Therefore our goal is, is to keep this database current with your help. We also share this site on many RV Facebook pages and optimize it for all the search engines like Google.


If you need any assistance with your submission, feel free to call or text Christiaan at (574) 386 3345 - Check out the features we offer below.

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Features of myRVbuddy.com

Great Listing Features

Choose of many field options to list your business and let it stand out. You do not have to use all the fields if you decide not to. 

Also an opportunity to give a detailed description of your business.

Add your business website in the listing. If you do not have one, we can help!

Add a Coupon Option

Our goal is to offer our members a discount on labor! Who doesn't like a special discount?

You can offer a coupon to potential customers anywhere from 5% and up. 

Your discount is appreciated! Stand out from the competition!

Do you offer an emergency service?

This is an important factor that may play a role for potential customers.

If you offer an after hour emergency service, let our members know by giving a short description of your service.

Also mention your business hours available.

Show your location on the map

If you have a specific business address, it will show up on the map in your listing. If you work from home, no problem, we will just add your city location so that for RVers find your available service location.

CLICK HERE to see the map

Show RV parks near you

This is a great feature! List as many RV parks near you.

If a customer is not close enough to your location, they will have the opportunity to drive to one of  these parks to get the repairs on their RVs done.

We list these campgrounds on a exclusive map in your listing! Check it out!

An easier way to get a customer closer to your area.

RV repair specialties

Name all your specialties

Check the boxes in the list to indicate which repairs you offer.

Customers would like to see how you can help them without to call and ask. If your expertise is not listed, please contact us.

You also have the option to add your days and hours of operation.

Payment options

Payment options

Check the boxes in the list toindicate the choice of payment you prefer. We included major credit cards and or cash.

A customer would like to know how they will pay for the repairs before you start.

Payment options

Add images

Add up to 6 images to your listing. First image should be your logo.

Additional few pictures of your vehicles or business? Or, how about a picture of you in action doing a repair?

Payment options

Advertising Benefits

Save money on our advertising marketing merchandise offer to you! If you offer 10% and up on labor, we provide you of all your advertising products at cost!

e.g. 1,000 business cards at only $19.95! Huge discounts on vehicle magnets, shirts, hats, banners, carbon copy invoice sheets and MUCH more!

Call or text Christiaan at (574) 386-3345

Let's get started!