What is our goal

  • As fulltime RVers, we have been traveling all across the country. As you know, it can be a full time job to navigate to find places like dump stations, rest areas, overnight parking (etc.) or even find a mobile RV mechanic if you run into a problem.
  • To make things worse, you need to jump from one app (website) to another to find what you're looking for which make navigation quite a challenge.
  • Our goal is, is to add all these services under one roof and on ONE map. It makes your RV life and travel much easier to find places in one location.

How do we create the markers

  • We are, literally, visiting each and every location (marker) on the RV Map to make sure the information is correct - We have found that so many places have wrong info which let you on a wild goose chase to find the actual details.
  • We are doing the research for you! We also make sure that the coordinates are correct which will navigate you to the right place or spot.