How to use the markers

  • When you open the map it will be empty with no markers visible. Click on "Show All" and all the markers will appear on the map. "Hide All" will remove them from the map
  • All the different markers are located below the map. Filter through those you would like to appear on the map
  • Click on the marker again to remove it from the map

Tips & Tricks

  • e.g. If you are on the road and looking for a place to stay the night, click on on the "Location Icon" (left top) which will move the map to your current location.
  • Scroll down to the filters, just below the map, and click on "Overnight Parking". All the "Overnight Parking" markers will show on the map. If there isn't a spot close by, add "Walmart Overnight Parking" to your map. You can also add "RV Boondocking" markers. Now you'll see all the options you have around your location