FREE Membership

You can sign up for a FREE membership without giving any credit card information. This is a great feature to have the opportunity to look around and add a plan later.

Park & Campground App

Communication with campers and guests is very important. It can be a formidable task to keep everyone, in your park, up to date with changes, alerts and many other notifications. Now, it is very easy to inform your guests with notifications send directly to their mobile devices in real time.

You can create a group for long-term guests and post a notification in the group only for them to see. They will receive an email to check the latest comments or updates. Advertise events or  any other information you would like to bring under your guests attention. Post new images of your campground and much more!

As soon as your app is live, you as the owner, can decide who has admin access to the app. They will be able to edit, delete and post comments. The app is set not to give guests the opportunity to post new comments, although, if you decide they are allowed to comment, they can respond.

Also, a great feature is to post polls to get feedback from your campers. If you have any questions, you can open a support ticket in your "Account"

There is a one time fee of $250 to create and upload your app to both app platforms.  

Thereafter we charge a $55  monthly fee to maintain and keep your app up to date. This also includes any content, images or notification changes you would like to make at in your app at anytime.

Download and checkout a new app we designed for Sunshine Oaks RV Park in Texas below

App Notifications

Everyone who has your app installed, will receive your notification in their devices whether it is a visitor or a camper. They won't receive any notification if the app is uninstalled. All you have to do is, go to your Account > Open a support ticket and send us a short description of your message and we will send it out to all your app members. As soon as they receive the message, they will click the notification and the app will open automatically.

We recommend you to post a long description on your app prior sending us the short description of your message.

Send notifications like maintenance and weather alerts, events, utility interruptions, mowing schedules and much more!

We charge a $10  monthly fee to send out unlimited notifications to your quests. The first month is FREE! (Cancel plan at anytime)

The notification feature is optional. You can post a comment in a group and all the members in the group will receive a notification email.

Park Website Design

We also offer a website design service for your campground if you do not have a website. We, as seasoned full-time RVers, design a website from an RVer point of view. For many years, we have noticed that so many parks have websites that don't offer the information we need on their websites. It can be very frustrating.

We design your website before you pay a one time fee of $250.

Website hosting, at $15 per month, is also available which includes search engine optimization, maintenance, updates and content changes you would like to make.